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Process Print - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to print a t-shirt?

A. This is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables to consider. How much area of the garment does the image cover, is it on a light or dark shirt, are you printing using the One Pass technology and what ink saturation levels give you the desired print results? Other factors like labor and garment cost need to be calculated in as well. To help you with projection of cost on specific jobs it’s best to get in touch and let us provide you with a no obligation quote and then you can take it from there.

Q. How many colors can I produce using your service?

A. We use process inks in cyan, magenta, yellow and black to generate the colors from your design. These colors allow for the generation of millions of colors. Additionally, we also include white ink which is used as a base on dark garments to allow for the reproduction of this same range of colors on dark textiles. Think of it like your desktop inkjet printer – only printing on t-shirts instead of paper.

Q. Do I need to do anything to the garments before printing?

A. In some instances it can be a good idea to briefly prepress any garment before printing. But for the most part there is no pre-printing preparation needed. If it happens that your project requires this then we will let you know ahead of time. If the garment you are printing is going to be printed with white ink or if it is a light colored polyester or poly blend then we can pretreat the shirt with a spray on treatment specific to the application and press again to dry before printing the garment.

Q. What do I do with the shirts after they have been printed?

A. Fixation of the inks to the garment is done by pressing the printed garment in your heat press. Details on times and temperatures varies depending on the type of garment as well as whether the garment is printed with white ink. Specifics are covered during your training. Average time/temperature is 1-2 minutes at 186′C or 340’ F.

Q: What artwork do you require?

A: Preferably pdf’s, adobe illustrator, eps, bitmaps & jpg’s are acceptable but normally need to be re-drawn.

Q: Whats your turn-around times?

A: Normally 5 working days but if required quicker, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

Q: Whats the minimum order?

A: As little & as many as you require.


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