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Personalsied and Printed USB Sticks

Media Library - USB - RedSince the dawn of the digital age, promotional products for business have also taken a significant leap forward. One such item that has proven to be very popular for promotional purposes is the USB key, also known as a USB flash drive.

USB keys have turned into a necessary tool for today’s average office worker—it’s about as ubiquitous as the office pen. Virtually everyone, from the entry-level employee to the high level executive will have at some point used USB flash drives to store or transfer important electronic data.

Media Library - USB - GreenWith the importance and widespread use of USB flash drives, it only makes sense to use them as a means to promote your brand or business. While many promotional products are tossed inside a desk drawer, never to be used, USB drives are carried around and used on an almost daily basis.


Media Library - USB - redsilverThis presents a unique opportunity for you to integrate an aspect about your business into the USB drive and get some significant advertising mileage. Process Print helps you do just that.




Process Print is a leading supplier of promotional USB keys in Ireland. We have a wide range of USB models and we accept orders with even the most specific of requirements.Media Library - USB - Blue


Whether it’s printing a logo on the USB stick itself, using stickers to do so or even pre-loading promotional data within the USB key for your customers to browse through, Process Print can provide you with solutions to promote your business in the best and most cost-effective way.


Media Library - USB -SilverContact us by using the contact form below or call us right away at (01) 862 3310 and let us help you create your perfect promotional US


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